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Build the Oasis

Just-In-Time Geometry: Visibility Precomputation and On-Demand 3D Asset Delivery

How would you transmit a vast, unbounded virtual universe, like the Oasis fictionalized in Ready Player One, to users? This video, and the associated proofs of concept, demonstrate an approach to that end.

Proofs of Concept

Below are two proofs of concept that each feature a first-person and third-person point of view. You will be able to see geometry popping into view in the third-person view, but this should never be visible in the first-person view.

Privacy Statement

The software distributed through this website will never collect any data nor require any permissions other than internet access to query geometry from the server.

The New Proof of Concept

The new proof of concept is available for Windows, Linux, MacOS (read below), and Android. There is no plan for an iOS release. Your hardware must be OpenGL 2.1 compatible.

Platform SHA-256
Windows 14774329de65eaad89acf4c466587a8c107966ba8209703a04dcd2a062aab687
Linux bcae01b86178a596045a5ba8acfc9eecae3e728d583909bc6a7c508cc9af0a26
MacOS f5b5e233b6e2a6ceb81439b42c9290e921e14c0f5ba882803ca64a251bf3957c
Android 7d8634618f15173cbe1c3ae4024df801b25e1863dd9d8253c7b2b27ee61f8555

Additional Android Distributors

Note that the .apk downloaded from these sources will not have the Android hash value given above.

Google Play
Amazon Apps

Attention MacOS Users

The .zip file should work like a .dmg. However, it is not digitally signed, and the developer is not registered with Apple (i.e. doesn’t pay their fees). If you want to run the software, you might need to override Gatekeeper. The developer does not offer support for doing this.

The Old Proof of Concept

This Three.js-based demo should work with any modern web browser (not Internet Explorer) that supports WebGL. Visit the assocated GitHub repository for the source code and a discussion of limitations.



If this concept might be useful for your 3D world, you’re welcome to contact the developer.